Trauma Therapy

for Women

“We are all inherently able to heal from effects trauma so that we can live our best authentic self in the present”.

Christina Granados

About You

On the outside, you smile and tell others “I’m fine” just to get through the day.  Others see you as a high-functioning and strong successful woman.

But the reality is, you’re good at masking your distressing issues —-depression, anxiety, not feeling seen, heard or validated.   On the inside you are hurting, you feel alone, and often wonder “what’s wrong with me?”.

You’re exhausted and you’re ready to let go of past hurts. You’re ready to learn to love yourself. You’re ready for Hope, Healing and Growth.


You’ve been through a lot. You need to feel safe, understood and heard. You are not alone.

My priority is to create a safe therapeutic space for women like you to explore your thoughts, freely express emotions, and safely process traumatic memories.

Together, we will create a plan that gets to the source of your issues so that you can step into your authentic sense of self.


Empathy * compassion * *kindness * curiosity * trustworthiness * authenticity * transparency * collaboration


To provide a safe space where women who have survived trauma can experience hope, healing and growth.