EMDR Individual Consultation

Reasons to seek EMDR Individual Consultation

  • Refresh your skills and knowledge of the basics of EMDR Therapy
  • Expand your knowledge and skills beyond basic training
  • Grow as an EMDR therapist through certification
  • Seek advanced consultation for complex cases
  • Learn how to grow your practice with EMDR Intensives

As an EMDRIA approved Consultant-in-Training (CIT), I am able to provide individual EMDR consultation at a fraction of the standard rate for EMDR individual consultation —-and without sacrificing quality, service, and knowledge that is expected from an EMDR consultant.

If you are ready for individual consultation, you may sign up below for one of the individual consultations offered. Rates are currently $60 per individual consultation and are offered each Monday at 4:00 p.m. CST. If you are needing a different day, reach out and we can discuss other availabilities.

If you prefer to briefly meet via zoom before committing to consultation, let’s connect and discuss how I can assist you in meeting your EMDR needs and goals.