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EMDR Intensive Therapy

What is EMDR Intensive Therapy

EMDR Intensive Therapy is a brief, intensive treatment designed to expedite and maximize treatment outcomes by incorporating EMDR therapy into longer sessions scheduled in a condensed period of time.

Benefits of EMDR Intensive Therapy for Trauma and PTSD 

  • Less Time in the Office:  Just one Full or two Half Day Intensive Therapy Sessions are the equivalent to three months of the standard bi-weekly 60-minute session.  Even for those who desire to go at a slower rate, one mini session equal to two 60-minute sessions.
  • More Efficient :  Even compared to other trauma therapy, the intensive format may decrease treatment time and is more efficient because of time not spent on:
    • a) checking in at the beginning of each session
    • b) addressing current crises and concerns
    • c) focusing on stabilizing and coping skills that the client won’t need after trauma healing
    • d) assisting the client in regaining composure at the end of the session.
    • Learn more here.
  • Well Tolerated:  Intensive application of trauma-focused therapy seems to be well tolerated in patients with PTSD, enabling faster symptom reduction with similar, or even better, results, while reducing the risk that patients drop out prematurely. Learn more here and here.
  • Improvement of Symptoms Shorter Time Frame:  EMDR Intensive treatment is feasible and is indicative of reliable improvement in PTSD symptoms in a very short time frame. Learn more here.
  • Safe and Effective:  An intensive program using EMDR therapy is a potentially safe and effective treatment alternative for complex PTSD. Learn more here.
  • Treats Other Issues:  In addition to treatment trauma symptoms, EMDR Intensive Therapy is also helpful for those who are struggling with anger, depression, anxiety, stress management and grief and loss.
  • Collaborative:  Ability to coordinate and collaborate EMDR Intensive Therapy with your current individual therapist.

EMDR Intensive Therapies Offered 

The number of intensive sessions needed will vary considerably depending on the severity and complexity of presenting issues.  During the assessment, we will determine which EMDR Intensive will work for you based on your treatment goals and presenting issues and symptoms.  For maximum benefits, it is recommended to schedule either (1) full day or (2) consecutive half days to begin with.  For those with more complex issues or symptoms, or those who prefer to start at a slower pace, mini sessions may be an option.

EMDR Intensive Therapies are offered in the following:

  • Full Day
    • Full day consists of (4) extended EMDR processing sessions
    • Offered Friday’s
    • Offered Saturdays (limited availability)
  • Half Day 
    • Half day consists of (2) extended EMDR processing sessions
    • Offered Thursday’s and Friday’s
  • Mini
    • Consists of (1) extended EMDR processing session
    • Offered during normal business hours

Cost of EMDR Intensive Therapy:  

Assessment $225 (New Clients)

Full Day $1200

Half Day $600

Mini $300

Follow-up sessions $150

Most insurance companies do not cover for sessions over the standard 60-minute session; therefore EMDR Intensive Therapy is considered an out-of-pocket expense.

Is EMDR Intensive Therapy Right for Me

EMDR Intensive Therapy may not be right for everyone.  During the initial assessment, we will review your presenting symptoms and issues, and your goals to determine if EMDR Intensive Therapy is right for you,

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