EMDR Intensive Therapy

What is EMDR Intensive Therapy?

EMDR Intensive therapy is not your typical 55-minute talk therapy session.  Instead, it is an intensive, highly-focused treatment designed to accelerate overall treatment outcomes. 

In lieu of the traditional 55-minute weekly sessions, EMDR Intensive therapy incorporates multiple sessions into a condensed period of time.  

Who can benefit 

  • Individuals who want to accelerate or “jump start” the healing process.
  • Individuals who need to find relief from distressing symptoms sooner than later.
  • Individuals who have tried traditional talk therapies before but did not find the relief they needed. 
  • Individuals who want to keep their current therapist while working targeting a specific issue.
  • Individuals are unable to find the time to commit to weekly sessions due to busy schedules. 
  • Individuals who are highly motivated and ready to do ”deeper” work. 

It is important to note that not all individuals may be an appropriate candidate for this type of treatment.

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